What is Operation Alysha?

Alysha and Amy with Operation Co-hair Jim Gillies

In January 2009, Operation Alysha was formed as a social action group to promote and build awareness of the need to donate blood, while promoting OneMatch, the registering of bone marrow stem cells in the National Bone Marrow Registry.

Late in 2008, at the age of 4 years, Alysha was diagnosed with a severe, rare form of leukemia. During the early part of 2009, Alysha underwent in-depth treatment at Hamilton's McMasters Children's hospital and received a umbilical cord blood stem cell transplant in June 2009 at Sick Kids hospital in Toronto.

Despite the unsuccessful stem cell transplant in June 2009, Alysha's cancer is currently in remission. Alysha, her family and members of Operation Alysha have turned a negative situation into a positive fight against cancer, by mobilizing family members, her church family, Alysha's school staff and families in embracing this crusade.

Alysha has continued to participate in blood donor clinics and swabbing events to add her personal weight in the fight against cancer. She represents nearly 1,000 leukemia patients in Canada who are waiting for a perfect stem match. Alysha's courage has motivated countless number of people to get involved in this fight.